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Handcuffs, Kisses, and Awkward Situations by Olivia Harvard

Nora Montgomery’s primary goal was to remain seemingly unnoticed until graduation, and that meant staying away from Ryder Collins.

But when both she and Ryder are selected to participate in the local police department’s handcuff demonstration, they find themselves inescapably chained together. The tension between them is thick; filled with unresolved issues from their past friendship. But things get a whole lot worse when the officer loses the key and the pair are forced to accommodate each other until a replacement is available.

Being handcuffed to the opposite gender was sure to introduce some extremely uncomfortable situations.

Things are about to get awkward…

Olivia Harvard is an eighteen-year-old Australian author, who has just finished her last year of high school.
She has won numerous online writing awards and completed many literary challenges.However, she still considers herself a novice writer and is aiming for further development. After graduation, Olivia plans to travel and attend university. And while she has discovered she is a talented procrastinator, she doubts such a university exists where she can major in it.

In the meantime, she aspires to study business or creative arts. Other than writing, Olivia is passionate book collector, avid reader and Tim Tam addict.

Contact her through Twitter: twitter.com/lovelylivvi_
Send her an email through: olivia_harvard@awesomeauthors.org